Sound makes Music

I’m not sure where I stand today nor where I have been stopped exactly some years ago. But is this really important? I don’t want to transport my intentions throughout imitations of past times, the creative process will let me find more or less my actual position, so there is no need to take separately care of. Finding an adequate sound of a virtual lineup is both a big challenge and a very exciting experience starting with nearly an infinite numbers of degrees of freedom. But those have to be bundled and concentrated to built and communicate a coherent feeling with some kind of recognition value rather than a disjointed mix. At least concerning real life and at least concerning me this is pure wishful thinking so maybe I succeed in realizing it concerning making music, at least.



Over 20 years ago is the last time I have been in a studio and even longer ago I was on stage. It feels closer but time seems to run faster the more ones thoughts are forwarded straight to business and work, maybe additionaly wrapped in some family’s entertainment anytime. I won’t be the last one wondering where time has gone by but in a certain phase somewhere between hamster wheel and health’s arrangement an answer arose for the question what was left to do. Making music was put on hold at this time, there was not a defined end but a creeping process instead so I feel somehow unfinished. This is neither a satisfactory condition nor was my ‘energetic state’ rising throughout the last years so the expectations won’t become better in future. As one can see these are nearly perfect prerequisites and so I decided to make a fresh start for a solo music project in 2017.